Google’s been quite a tenacious fighter of censorship, taking on the world’s largest government and openly (and maybe ironically?) keeping tabs on big brother with Transparency Report.

In a minor twist, it appears that, despite their anti-censorship commitment, they refuse to suggest hate – I don’t mean that they should be telling you to hate, or that they block “hateful” content (come to think of it, they might do that with safesearch, but I’m not sure). It’s just that they literally don’t give suggestions with the word “hate” in the query. Try it yourself: go to the google home page and type “I hate” and it stops spitting out suggestions. If you have Google Instant turned on, it won’t even show you any results for your query until you hit enter!

Is this good or bad? Well, I’ll tell you how it’s inconvenient: I sometimes use Google’s suggestions to find others’ opinions. Yes, yes, I know that’s what Google Trends is for, but the suggestions are sometimes more useful and funny. For example, try typing “lindsay lohan is a” into google and you’ll get a laugh. Type it into trends? Nada. So, early today, when I wanted to see if Los Angeles was on Google’s list of most commonly hated things, I was out of luck: “I hate ” and nothing.