It’s official! The public internet (aka the web that’s not Facebook) knows I’m engaged. My beautiful bride – Miss Emily Shafer – and I have launched our website: We’ve put our story, engagement photos, wedding details, and registry links there for the world to see.

I’ve used Ruby on Rails for the whole thing and built a beautiful RSVP system that’s about as easy to use as it is good looking. By using Active Admin for the system, it’s absolutely cake for Emily and me to manage the guest list. This is one of those things that I really, really wish I had time to blog about in detail. But alas, I will resolve to rant of my awesomeness without evidence.

Oh, and speaking of my awesomeness, check it out on your i-Devices! Ya. Pretty awesome and responsive and surprisingly fast for the crazy, crazy amount of images everywhere. That took a lot of tweaking to get just right, but I think I got it.

So ya – check it out:

Mike and Emily’s Wedding Site